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Benefits to Divers Divers
Independence, liberty of schedule, being your own boss, travel, and a new, beautiful “office” location each day
are just a few of the benefits of diving for golf balls.

Description of Responsibilities

Independent Contractor. Commercial Scuba Diver in the Golf Ball Recovery Trade.

Education/Certification Level
Must have proof of at least Open Water certified by one of the three major certifying agencies.

Physical Abilities
Work is strenuous and includes moderate to heavy manual labor. Be able to lift 65-pound bags of golf balls. Persons with historical physical problems with regard to back, shoulder, skeletal, joints such as elbow, knee, wrist, ankle and neck should gain the approval of a physician before considering diving for golf balls. Be able to dive blindly without the use of a compass or lighting. Be able to dive in water in poor conditions normally under 30' depth for long periods.

Coordinate your dive schedule in advance with the Area Dive Manager. Being an Independent Contractor, your job is to get the job done during daylight hours without damaging golf course property and being considerate of golfers. You provide everything necessary in the way of tools of the trade. This would also include the ability to transport and store heavy weight in a secure fashion. Coordinate shipping approval with Area Dive Manager once you have an accumulation of, and/or multiples of 15,000 balls. Bring balls to freight company where you will “build” pallets of balls/shrink wrap and label pallets appropriately.

Payment for Services

You will be paid seven to eight cents per ball retrieved (experience dependent). Accumulation cycle will begin on Wednesday and end on Tuesday. Your weekly accumulation number will be reported via e-mail or telephone each evening to the Area Dive Manager. You will be paid by wire for the number of balls you report on the Friday of the same week. Some weeks you will not have accumulated sufficient number to justify shipping. You will still be paid for the number you report regardless of when you ship.

Independent Contractor Status
You are starting your own business. You will receive a Form 1099 at the end of the year. A trusted accountant should be consulted concerning your record keeping and Estimated Taxes due the IRS. Before you begin, you will be required to sign a Retrieval Contract which in part, acts as a release of liability.

Diving for golf balls
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