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Golf Courses
Golf Courses
Benefits to Golf Courses Golf Courses
Golf courses sometimes don’t realize the potential
of what may be deposited in their water hazards.

We can help you turn the lost and abandoned into a useful asset benefiting you in both sales and savings on our catalog of durable products for your course.

Underwater uses the following methods:
  • Divers—most versatile form of retrieval
  • Rollers—for silted, long stretches without tree stumps, large rocks, or stationary objects

Benefits to the Course
  • 20% of balls retrieved in first rate counter balls at no charge
  • 25% of balls retrieved in striped used range balls at no charge
  • 16% of balls retrieved value in new soft core range balls or
    any range products (www.pgprofessionalgolf.com) at no charge
  • Receive credit per ball to be used toward a huge assortment
    of catalog products for your course

  • A cash rate per ball retrieved (price varies from course to course)

Professional Golf  
Underwater is a General Contractor for Professional Golf (FKA PGSI) of 12505 Reed Road, Suite 150, Sugar Land, TX 77478, phone 888 681 9381. We provide retrieval services for them across a multi-state region. Your contract and compensation will be with and from Pro Golf. Pro Golf is the world’s largest golf ball retrieval company and offers an array of compensation options on their Web Site: www.pgprofessionalgolf.com.

Hundreds of references are available upon your request. Contact us today by phone (210/326-7054) or e-mail ( ) for more information.

Divers, Rollers
Underwater Golf Ball Recovery
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Underwater Golf Ball Recovery Underwater Golf Ball Recovery, Inc. has been salvaging golf balls in multiple states since 1992. We use divers, waders, rollers, and hookah units to extract golf balls. With untarnished reputation, we will diligently seek to service even what may be considered “remote” locations by bringing the labor to you.  
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  Steve Helms, Area Dive Manager
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